Peperoni cruschi, crispy dried bell peppers

Peperoni cruschi are crispy, dried bell peppers and they are a speciality from the region Basilicata. They have been cultivated in the area of Senise since the 16th century and they are still today the ideal side dish to any traditional recipe. Crusco bell pepper is the smallest common bell pepper and thanks to its very thin pulp, it becomes extremely crunchy once it has dried. It has a deep red colour, but don’t let it fool you – it is not spicy! Quite on the contrary, it has a marked sweet note and an absolutely unique aroma.

It is left to dry in the sun and wind, after having been tied in traditional braids that can be as long as 2 metres. If you happen to take a trip to Basilicata, you will see these braids hanging from balconies. The peperone crusco is ready to be eaten, once it has only 10% of water left.

To make it all the more enticing, it can be baked or fried. When cut in pieces and packaged, this extraordinary traditional side dish turns into a super crunchy snack that is healthy and very flavourful.

Cruskees’ peperoni cruschi dried bell peppers are vegan and contain neither colouring agents nor preservatives. They are crunchier than crisps, but have that unique taste of nature that only those vegetables that have been cultivated and processed according to traditional methods have.

Cruskees is not only a brand, it is a new way of seeing peperone crusco. Basilicata’s most famous side dish has become a light, appetising and fun snack. This traditional flavour has now gotten a makeover!

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