Gratifico is a pasta factory in Bologna that only makes fresh pasta according to tradition. They make fresh Tortellini every day with passion and dedication, as well as many other traditional pasta shapes from Bologna.

Pasta quality is guaranteed by the selection of ingredients, as well as great dough making skills. Gratifico only uses free-range eggs, PDO Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, which has aged 30 months, and PGI Mortadella Bologna for the pasta fillings.

The craft of local housewives from Emilia-Romagna has been combined with and enhanced by innovative techniques, born out of the collaboration between Gratifico and the CIRI agrifood research centre of the University of Bologna.

The name of the pasta factory “Gratifico” evokes the gratification that we feel upon eating high-quality fresh pasta, whether plain or filled.

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Balanzoni – Recipe from Bologna - 250g

Price €6.90

Black pearls truffle pasta - 250 g

Price €9.90

Fresh Garganelli pasta - 250g

Price €4.90

Fresh Tortellini from Bologna - 250g

Price €9.90

Gramigna pasta "straw and hay" - 250g

Price €4.90