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Fresh Garganelli pasta - 250g

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Fresh Garganelli pasta - 250g Gratifico

Garganelli egg pasta is a type of fresh pasta from Emilia-Romagna, from the city of Imola, whose recipe dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. They were created to satisfy the wish of the Sforza family to have pasta without filling. They were shaped by using a wooden stick around which a little square of pasta, which was usually used for Cappelletti, was wrapped diagonally. Then, they were pressed against the teeth of a loom comb.

The company Gratifico makes them with durum wheat semolina and free range eggs. This fresh pasta type best represents the artisan pasta-making tradition of Bologna; their shape is ideal to catch the sauce

All ingredients are fresh when processed; a prime-quality product is obtained also thanks to the innovative production technique created in collaboration with the CIRI agrifood centre of the University of Bologna.

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