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Italian T-Bone Steak - 1/1.5/2 kg

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Italian T-Bone Steak - 1/1.5/2 kg I Commensali

First let’s clarify a few things: a T-bone is a steak including the bone, called T-bone by the English because of its T shape. It is cut from the short loin and contains the fillet, or tenderloin, as well as the sirloin. T-Bone can refer to all type of bone-in steaks, but it is not the same as the so-called Bistecca alla fiorentina, the Florentine Steak.

Our selection of steaks includes 1 and 2 kg cuts crafted by only the best experts: I Commensali. As a matter of fact, their T-Bone steaks are matured to perfection and are made with cattle born, raised and slaughtered exclusively in Italy. A certified place of provenance of meat, the aging period, a high-quality slaughter as well as a delivery respecting the cold chain are all factors that must be taken into consideration to safely buy prime steaks online.

I Commensali is one of our trusted butcher shops, which was created after the owners’ previous experience in breeding cattle farms. That’s why the quality of animal feed and lifestyle prior to slaughter plays such an important role in their company. This vision, along with their incredible butchery skills, allows them to offer meat with an unrivalled taste.

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