La Castagna Leopoldina

Tuscan chestnuts

La Castagna Leopoldina was founded in 2014 in Sorano, on the slopes of the Mount Amiata. It is a project inspired by nature, its pace and its fruits: Florentine chestnuts come from the family’s century-old chestnut orchard. Here Francesca Gioacchini decided to go back to the roots and has added thousands of new trees over time.

In the Maremma area near Grosseto, a closed-loop and sustainable production leads to unrivalled and delicious delights: chestnut spreads, candied chestnuts, marron glacé and the incredible chestnut flour to bake healthy and tasty cakes. 

The raw material is the most important asset. Chestnuts are processed with care and love in the chestnut orchard’s lab, at nature’s pace. La Castagna Leopoldina draws on tradition and makes products that fully reflect it, with no compromises.

Freshly-picked chestnuts are carefully selected and processed in this farm’s creative lab. Each production cycle deals with small quantities and focuses on selection, high quality and handmade processing, resulting in unique specialties.

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candied chestnut pieces- 100g

Price €10.90

chestnut and cacao spread – 225g

Price €9.90

chestnut flour – 225g

Price €10.90

chestnut honey - 250g

Price €7.90

chestnut spread – 225g

Price €9.90

chestnuts in syrup - 260g

Price €9.90

marron glacé - 6-piece box

Price €19.90