The land of Castelmagno cheese

La Meiro company was founded at 1,700m above sea level in the wonderful valley of the Castelmagno Sanctuary, where you can find the best pastures and the most suitable facilities for cheese aging. Giorgio and his son Andrea decided to leave the city and move back here to dedicate their lives to making Castelmagno cheese.

In order to make an exceptional cheese, one needs exceptional milk. Animals live naturally; they graze on pastures during the summer and are fed with hay during the winter without any GMOs or industrial feeds. Cows eat aromatic herbs and mountain flowers which lend the Castelmagno cheese unique sensory features.

The cheese is aged in Roman tuff caves with a temperature of 10 °C and a constant humidity level of 90% which is ideal for the growth of noble moulds making the flavour of Castelmagno cheese all the more intense.

While PDO Castelmagno di montagna mountain cheese is made during the winter, the Castelmagno d’alpeggio from alpine pastures is made in the summer. Cows graze on pastures located at an elevation of more than 1,600m above sea level, where foraging herbs are particularly fresh and where there is a wide variety of plants lending exceptional scents to the cheese. Castelmagno d’alpeggio of the La Meiro farm is a Slow-Food presidium and was awarded the Oscar for the best Italian mountain cheese.

La Meiro is plunged in alpine pastures covered in flowers. The mountain wildflower honey and the mountain rhododendron honey that are made here taste like pristine nature.