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The organic cooperative La Terra e il Cielo was founded in 1980 with the purpose of developing sustainable farming, back when conventional agriculture was the rule. Promoting a more balanced relationship with nature and the environment in an important farming region such as the Marche, the cooperation is one of the longest-standing organic companies in Italy. Today around 100 members are part of La Terra e il Cielo cooperative, with the aim of protecting the environment, promoting people’s work and fighting for a fair end price. One of the greatest success of the company was rediscovering old varieties of cereals and legumes that were selected for their top quality.


This cooperative’s main purpose is promoting quality and full traceability of products which were made respecting people’s health and the environment. La Terra e il Cielo’s organic and ethical 360-degree approach includes: workers protection and fair retribution, green building, ethical finance, support of workers’ rights and legality. Moreover, the supply chain is very short: raw materials are supplied by farmers, who grow them according to organic and biodynamic principles in unpolluted environments without synthetic chemicals. The facility includes a husking machine for organic cereals and a stone mill which allows the cereals to keep their sensory features intact and to obtain actual whole-grain products. Pasta is dried out slowly in several steps, thus keeping a very high nutrient content.


The cooperative’s products stand for the beauty of the region Marche. Bronze-drawn, hard-durum wheat pasta has a high protein content and an excellent gluten quality. Organic emmer wheat pasta is made from this very ancient cereal type, rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres. The whole-grain durum wheat pasta is a nutritionally complete product, since the stone milling allows the cereal to keep all its sensory qualities intact. Lastly, organic strained tomato puree is made with fresh tomatoes that are washed and strained without being cooked and with no added preservatives. Over the years, the cooperative has become an important organic company that has never forgotten its founding values of solidarity, fairness and respect of nature.