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Le Piagge produces a wide range of high quality typical Tuscan products, obtained following the protocols of Organic Agriculture, free from residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. All the products are prepared following traditional methods and recipes, have the taste of good homemade things and are appreciated by those seeking a healthy and genuine diet.
To obtain the maximum goodness from a processed product that has the quality that you can give it when you prepare it, you must make a simple and genuine cuisine as a good cook does. This means choosing raw materials of excellent quality, fresh, picked at the right degree of maturity, processed in limited quantities, to always have a direct relationship with what you cook, as you do when you make your recipes.
All our products are made without the use of additives. Reading the ingredients of the products you buy you will notice the presence of substances that you definitely do not use in your kitchen such as emulsifiers, thickeners, acidity correctors, pectin, dyes, preservatives, etc.. They are usually used to allow the finished product to contain a higher percentage of water in place of plants or are used to correct quality defects in the raw materials used. There is no doubt that the producer will be able to offer a lower price, but the quality will also be much lower and consequently the organoleptic and gustatory characteristics.
A healthy diet leads to a positive well-being of the person. In addition to producing organic food we also chose to be Vegans. This choice does not in any way lead to a deterioration in the taste of the finished product. The wide offer of alternative raw materials and a consolidated experience in production allows us to offer consumers truly good products and many times also different flavors that deserve to be discovered.

We don't make our own dishes, we cook them!

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organic cannellini beans in tomato sauce - 350g

Price €5.90

organic cream of leek soup - 350g

Price €6.90

organic single-serving mixed legume soup - 300g

Price €5.90

organic tomato sauce - 200g

Price €3.90

tuscan organic “pappa al pomodoro”, bread and tomato soup - 540 g

Price €6.90