Le Piagge

The company Le Piagge is located in Loro Ciuffenna, in Tuscany, on the slopes of the Pratomagno mountain. This company offers a great range of prime-quality, Tuscan specialties. All products are grown according to the principles of organic farming, without using any chemical fertilisers and pesticides and they are suitable for vegans, too. No preservatives or additives are added to products, in order to safeguard the original flavour and fragrance of a freshly prepared homemade dish. Only prime-quality ingredients that are freshly harvested at peak ripeness are selected for the company’s recipes.

Le Piagge sells ready-to-serve products belonging to the Tuscan traditional peasant cuisine. These dishes are made according to local values and taste and are ideal for whomever is looking for a healthy and genuine nutrition. This company selected many recipes stemming from the peasant cuisine of the Middle Ages: delicious recipes and ancient flavours lead to this company’s mouth-watering, ready-to-eat dishes. These genuine and healthy dishes only take a couple of minutes to prepare. Le Piagge does not manufacture these dishes, it cooks them for you!

The company offers dishes for every course: organic mixed starters to quickly prepare delicious vegetable starters; organic legume soup, organic cream of leek soup or organic “pappa al pomodoro”, a great Tuscan speciality, are ideal, as well as tasty and genuine, main courses; the organic tomato sauce is perfect to dress any type of dish, both pasta, rice and meat and fish dishes; finally, the organic cannellini beans in tomato sauce are a delicious side dish which can enhance any flavour. Le Piagge offers ready-to-serve, but genuine dishes! 

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Organic cannellini beans in tomato sauce - 350g

Price €5.90

Organic cream of leek soup - 350g

Price €6.90

Organic single-serving mixed legume soup - 300g

Price €5.90

Organic Tomato Sauce - 200g

Price €3.90

Tuscan Organic “Pappa al Pomodoro”, Bread and Tomato Soup - 540 g

Price €6.90