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Organic Tomato Sauce - 200g

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Organic Tomato Sauce - 200g Le Piagge

Tomato sauce is the condiment par excellence, as simple as the peasant traditions it stems from. This organic tomato sauce by the company Le Piagge is prepared exclusively with organic tomatoes cultivated in the Maremma area in Tuscany. Le Piagge produces ready-to-serve sauces with a light mirepoix sauce base, in which garlic is removed as soon as it begins to turn brown. Savoury and slightly concentrated tomato pulp is dressed with salt, extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves. This simple and flavourful recipe is ideal to create quick and easy dishes with a surprising genuine taste.

Le Piagge is a company located on the green slopes of the Pratomagno hill, which sells a wide range of dishes belonging to the best Tuscan peasant traditions. Their products, which are also suitable for vegans, are only made with fresh prime quality raw materials, harvested when perfectly ripe. Ingredients are only cultivated according to the principles of organic farming, without chemical pesticides or fertilisers; moreover, neither preservatives nor additives are added. Low-temperature processing allows products to keep their bright colour and fragrance in a natural way.

The organic tomato sauce by Le Piagge suits the needs of the whole family: perfect as a pasta dressing, it can also be used in many a recipe. Keep in your pantry this ready-to-serve sauce to enjoy a genuine meal even when you don’t have a lot of time to cook.

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