Monte Corda is a butcher shop located in the province of Catanzaro, in Calabria. This company specialises in the production of traditional cold cuts from the region Calabria, such as Calabrian Spianata sausage and aged Soppressata.

Just like any Calabrian sausage should be, Monte Corda’s cold cuts have the perfect level of spiciness, coming from local bell pepper. The flavour is intense but pleasant, since it does not numb the palate.

The Calabrian sausages by Monte Corda are handmade, following original recipes and selecting prime-quality ingredients, such as the finest meat cuts: only the shoulder, the ham and the belly fat are used in the meat mixture.

Soppressata is a true delicacy; it is processed by hand and aged for a long time, such as Calabrian tradition dictates. Natural casing, no preservatives, high-quality meat and natural smoking: that’s how a truly unique and exquisite product is made.