Tradition from Latium

The Norcineria Viola butcheryhas been located in Piazza Campo de’ Fiori in Rome since 1890. It is impossible not to notice this historic shop, which overwhelms passers-by with its almost magical aromas. Salami, hams, sausages and specialties of the highest quality from the region Latium, produced exclusively with strictly selected Italian meat. Here tradition and passion are something exceptional, so much so that the Norcineria Viola brand has become a landmark for lovers of good food

Let’s take for example the corallina salami, historically the ultimate Easter breakfast in Rome and the region Latium in general, now luckily available all year round! It has a unique texture, given by the cubes of fat added after the grinding of the meat, and an absolutely unforgettable scent

And what about the coppiette pork jerky? The most typical street food of the capital in the highest quality version. They are made only with the lean and noble cuts of pork, perfectly trimmed and flavored with a mix of spices and aromatic herbs. Once dried, they are joined in pairs - hence the name “coppiette”, little pairs - and are ready to be eaten. Caution: once you start it’s hard to quit!

The spicy ventricina is another of those products that made us fall in love at the first taste. Coarsely cut meat, with bacon and a mix of spices - absolutely top secret - characterized by chili powder, with its unmistakable intense red color. Rich and strong taste, but perfectly balanced: the chilli does not kill the taste of the meat, but enhances it.

Producing such exceptional cold cuts and sausages is not for everyone, in fact just a few companies in Italy are able to claim the experience and mastery of the Norcineria Viola butchery. Strict selection of raw materials, traditional processing, old-fashioned recipes: all necessary factors to reach an excellent level. However, in these meats we can also find something more, the passion of those who produce them and the pride of a brand that is an absolute guarantee of quality.