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Coppiette pork jerky - 200g

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Coppiette pork jerky - 200g Norcineria Viola

Coppiette pork jerky - also called Roman-style coppiette jerky - is a specialty from the region Latium, from the area around Rome and Roman Castles to be more precise. This jerky is incredibly enticing and you won’t be able to resist it. These cured pork strips are very tasty and are hence ideal as a happy-hour snack together with an appetising glass of wine.

Coppiette pork jerky is made from lean and fine pork cuts, such as tenderloin and sirloin. The pork strips are perfectly trimmed and are then put in a mix of spices and aromatic herbs for two days to soak every aroma. The strips are then put into pairs - hence the name ‘coppiette’, little pairs - and left to dry.

The coppiette jerky, like the majority of dried meat, was originally considered food for the poor and was specifically targeted to soldiers and shepherds. Now these cured pork strips are enjoyed by everyone and they are produced according to the relevant butchery traditions.

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Gluten free
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