Handmade sweetness

Le Mura patisserie is located in one of the historic places of Arezzo, near the city walls and Porta di San Lorentino. Since 2005, the year of opening, it never stopped to conquer the heart and palate of Arezzo – and beyond - with exceptional desserts, amazing breakfasts and a rich selection of dried biscuits.

Lots of fresh products, made with care and love by expert pastry chefs who select only the highest quality raw materials. An example? The vanilla berry of Madagascar, with a unique scent. And then fresh eggs, Jamaican rum, fresh butter, in short, a constant search for the highest quality.

And when things are done right, with care and love, you can feel the difference at the first bite. The leavened breakfast products, the cakes, the tarts, the cream puffs, the savory products: everything at Le Mura patisserie has the genuine taste of artisanal goodness.

Tradition, of course, but also innovation and creativity. Le Mura’s pastry chefs enjoy experimenting with original and irresistible ideas, such as the traditional baba in glass jar, a sweet tooth you can’t say no to. For a special cake, they’re the very best: at Christmas and Valentine’s Day the pastry turns into a riot of sweets, beautiful and delicious.

To complete the picture, a counter full of savory products, always handmade, and a rich and well-cared selection of wines, champagne and prosecchi. A pastry shop that is much more than an artisan workshop and much more than a bar: a corner of Arezzo where tradition and innovation blend together, in the name of goodness.