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The Schmid family combines prime-quality ingredients, family recipes and a multigenerational experience, in order to make refined meat products. There are no secret ingredients: only meat with controlled origin, Alpine aromatic herbs, beech wood shavings to smoke the meat and the mountain fresh air for the meat aging. The whole production process is regularly checked by strict quality controls in order to always guarantee the highest standards.

In Plaus, in the heart of the Burggrafenamt district, the Schmid family has been making refined meat specialties for three generations. Nikolaus Schmid used to manage a butcher shop under the portico in Merano, but it was his son Franz, a graduated butcher, who founded the company in 1979 under the name “Burggräfler Speck”. In 1988 Franz’s sons Thomas and Joachim joined the family business. The fame of the Schmid family and their delicious and high-quality meat and speck extended beyond the region’s borders and the company changed its name to Schmid Speck in 2012. The following year it joined the Speck Alto Adige Consortium and their speck was awarded with the “Speck Alto Adige protected geographical indication” label, an important seal of quality. 

Their specialty is speck. In South Tyrol, animals were traditionally slaughtered at Christmas and speck was made to preserve the meat all year round. The main rule for speck production in Alto Adige is encompassed in the motto “few salt, few smoke, a lot of air”; as a matter of fact, speck is not excessively salted, is slightly smoked with beech wood and is left to dry in the mountain air for around 22 months. We also selected, among all Schmid’s products, the incredible herb tenderloin, where the delicious and refined pork tenderloin meat is perfectly combined with the aromatic flavours of Alpine herbs, and the smoked beef, a tasty dish which is also healthy and hypocaloric.