The SIGI farm was founded in 1996 by Silvano Buccolini and Giuliana Papa; the name SIGI is the acronym formed from the initials of the founders’ names. These two nature-lovers dreamt of founding a business to bring ancient recipes and forgotten fruits, belonging to the tradition of the Marche region, back to their former glory. Silvano remembered which trees he used to see around when he was young, like the sour cherry tree, the jujube tree and the white fig tree. Since they had disappeared from the local countryside, he decided to replant them himself and create jams and jellies from their fruits; by doing so, young people that had never tasted them before could finally try them out and people that already knew them could reminisce. 


In their lab, Silvano and Giuliana make gluten-free jams and jellies, without pectin, colouring agents, preservatives or any chemical additives. These products are made by following old, local recipes from Macerata and using simple tools such as vegetable mills, as well as traditional cooking methods, like boiling in an uncovered pot. The texture of jams or jellies is only obtained by using special cooking methods and the fruit freshness is preserved thanks to natural preservation techniques. Moreover, production is only carried out by hand.


Old fruits, such as jujubes, quinces, mulberries and wild fruits, such as sour cherries (of which SIGI is the only manufacturer in Italy), blackberries or redcurrants are organically grown, guaranteeing the purity of ingredients and the respect of seasonal cycles. Raw materials are mainly processed by the farm itself or by partner companies and they are harvested at peak ripeness, to preserve their taste and properties. The company’s aim is to hand down ancient flavours, while preserving soil biodiversity. SIGI, well-rooted in the past and looking towards the future, makes jams with old flavours that are good for the planet, too.