The Taddei Dairy is located in Fornovo San Giovanni, a village in the lowlands of Bergamo. They have been crafting cheeses for four generations. They have decided to work by hand to preserve the original cheese-making traditions of Bergamo and let everyone taste the typical flavours of their products.

The dairy was founded in 1885 by great-grandfather Giandomenico who used to make Taleggio cheese. Nowadays Massimo Taddei is carrying forward the legacy of the family business and in 1994 - the year of construction of the new diary - production further expanded to include twelve new traditional cheeses from Lombardy, such as Tomabigia or Formaggella Bergamina.

The whole cheese manufacturing and ripening processes are carried out by hand - machines only do the ‘hard work’ - and take place entirely within the company; products reach the end market bearing the ‘Taddei’ brand. The company takes thus care of the whole production cycle, by combining innovation with traditions.

The Taddei dairy processes milk coming from selected local farms which are located only few kilometres away from the dairy; these farms have been supplying the dairy with a high-quality product for years and its unique flavour can be tasted in the cheeses. Their PDO Taleggio has a special taste and consistency, conferred by delicious milk and the great-grandfather’s artisan skills.