PGI Piedmont hazelnut

Terra delle Nocciole is a network of three farms and three labs specialised in hazelnut processing right in the heart of the Langhe area. The company is located in Cravanzana, in the province of Cuneo, where weather conditions are ideal to cultivate hazelnuts, especially the Tonda gentile hazelnut variety from Langhe.

The elevation ranging from 500 to 600 metres above sea level, the mild climate and the sea breeze lend this hazelnut unique features. Hazelnut groves are located on the hills meaning that, on one side, the microclimate is unique but, on the other side, the land is steep which makes cultivation hard and irrigation pretty much impossible. Terra delle Nocciole, in any case, knows very well how to choose quality over quantity. Hazelnut production does not exceed 2,400kg per hectare, but it’s worth it, giving the exceptional quality that these hazelnuts end up having. 

Terra delle Nocciole is led by three friends that are third-generation hazelnut growers. New technologies and new knowledge integrate and strengthen tradition and the end result is absolutely perfect. Pruning is carried out by hand, as well as debudding and sorting shelled hazelnuts.

Great care is devoted to the harvest, too. Only those hazelnuts that have already fallen down are selected and fields are sifted twice, to prevent the hazelnuts from touching the soil for too long. Drying cannot be more natural: hazelnuts are simply left in the sun.

Whole, just roasted hazelnuts, finely chopped hazelnuts, hazelnut flour or hazelnut spread: PGI Piedmont hazelnuts are the stars of these exceptional products.