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Pure Hazelnut Spread PGI from Alta Langa - 200g

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians Product for Vegans Lactose free

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Pure Hazelnut Spread PGI from Alta Langa - 200g Terra delle Nocciole

A truly astonishing hazelnut spread: there are no better words to describe it. Every time we open a jar of this spread, an indescribable scent fills the air and on the palate it is intense and velvety at the same time.

We are in Cravanzana, a village in the area of Alta Langa, Piedmont. Here the farm called Terra delle Nocciole cultivates these incredible little gems, always respecting nature’s laws and with no forcing involved.

Indeed, the perfect moment to pick hazelnuts is when they fall off the tree. As a matter of fact, if they are picked directly from the tree, like many foreign producers actually do, they contain levels of aflatoxin that may be harmful to humans. After being picked, hazelnuts are left to naturally sun-dry for a couple of days. Once shelled and roasted, they finally become a pure spread of hazelnuts from Piedmont PGI, ideal for cakes or any other recipe.

The reason behind the high quality of this spread lies in the project of the company Terra delle Nocciole. They developed an innovative machine for paste extraction, which is different than anything else on the market, since it doesn’t “stress” hazelnuts out and preserves their sensory qualities as much as possible. The paste is continually extracted without any big temperature change and without releasing nickel or any other allergenic metal substance. This delicate extraction process also delays the natural separation of solid parts from oil, thus facilitating consumption.
We like to spread it on:

  • Crepes
  • Chocolate cake

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PGI - PDO - Slow Food
Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians
Product for Vegans
Non perishable
Lactose free



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