Craft butchery from the Marche

These traditional cold cuts from the Marche region are still made by hand; that’s the essence of Tomassoni, a family business founded in the early 80s.

It was Sergio Tomassoni that first made prime-quality cold cuts which, although they are rooted in the peasant tradition, have now landed in the kitchen and on the table of the best gourmands. Even when traditional cold cuts from the Marche started being marketed in major distribution chains, Tomassoni stayed loyal to his artisan methods and processing techniques.

Tomassoni’s cold cuts are only made from the meat of pigs which were born, raised and slaughtered exclusively in Italy, and which were carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality level. The meat of the “PDO Grana Suino Padano” was selected, i.e. the swine breed used to make Parma ham, according to its product specifications. Moreover, the manual processing of cold cuts is carried out only a couple of hours after the meat delivery, so as to maintain its features unaltered.

Excellent cured meats, such as Fabriano salami and Ciauscolo salami, are aged slowly, as tradition dictates. And, to respect the worth of raw materials, Tomassoni does not use colouring agents or thickeners.