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Buy the best Italian honey - Italy Bite #italianfoodlovers



precious and super-nutritious nectar, honey is one of the healthiest and most wholesome foods to include in our diet. Sweet and silky on the palate, it can be enjoyed as it is, to sweeten herbal teas, and as an ingredient for glazes and desserts. Not to mention the perfect combination of honey with ricotta and cheeses with a bold flavour, such as Taleggio.
On Italy Bite, we sell only the best Italian honey online, available in three variants:

  • classic, from various flowers as well as honeydew;
  • mountain; 
  • organic

Flower honeys are obtained from the nectar of the plants, and we have carefully selected a great number of varieties to offer you as many different flavours and properties as possible. You can find the much-loved acacia honey as well as rarer types, such as sunflower and lavender honeys. Honeydew honey, on the other hand, is obtained from a derivative of tree sap, which is high in sugar. It has a uniquely intense and enveloping flavour. 
The best Italian honey onlinethat you can choose must be unprocessed virgin honey, extracted with uninvasive procedures and without excessive alterations in temperature. That is the only way to ensure that you are buying a product that still has its characteristics intact. 
Mountain honey has the particular trait of encapsulating all the wonderful aromas of the wildflowers that grow high in the mountains, those that are used to produce the honey itself. Alpine flowers are many and varied, and as such, mountain wildflower honey is a unique treat for the senses. Beekeepers move hives to a high altitude from the late spring and during summer, in other words during the period of maximum bloom. As such, the honeys present different aromas which come from the flowers used to produce them: it is the bloom which determines variations in the flavour, colour and texture of honey.
Last but not least, we have a selection of organic honeys, with a regional ICEA certification. The geographical environment and minimisation of movement of the hives are two key aspects to optimising production and ensuring that the organic certification standards are always guaranteed. The locations chosen for the beehives are far away from sources of pollution and are often untouched, such as those inside the Park of the Casentino Forests, in our beloved Tuscany, where excellent chestnut and fir honeydew honeys are produced.

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Mountain Rhododendron Honey - 400g

Price €21.90

Mountain wildflower honey - 400g

Price €19.90

Acacia Honey - 350g

Price €14.90

Citrus Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Bergamot Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Chestnut Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Cherry Blossom Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Sunflower Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Lavender Honey - 350g

Price €12.90

Honeydew Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Wildflower Honey - 350g

Price €10.50

Linden Honey - 350g

Price €10.90