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Organic Acquacotta soup - 670g

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Organic Acquacotta soup - 670g Radici

Acqua cotta is a traditional dish from the Tuscan Maremma area. It is a frugal soup belonging to the peasant cuisine tradition: it used to be the lunch of herders, i.e. shepherds on horseback, who used to pick the ingredients directly in the fields. The ingredients varied according to season and to what the herders could forage; it was overall a makeshift dish, a frugal lunch which was however full of nutrients to regenerate the body and mind after having worked tirelessly. The organic acqua cotta soup by the Radici farm is made with onions, tomato, celery and carrots with extra virgin olive oil and vegetable broth. No preservatives or thickeners are added and the soup is only seasoned with salt and organic red hot chilli pepper without any flavour enhancer.

Every ingredient from the Radici farm is organic and is grown in the company’s fields in Tuscany. Vegetables are harvested at peak maturity and processed immediately to preserve their freshness and genuineness.  Radici is aware that people tend to dedicate less time to cooking, because of fast-paced tight work schedules, and has decided to help them out by creating dishes with real flavours belonging to the traditional cuisine, which are ready to serve in a matter of minutes. What an excellent way to combine convenience with food authenticity.

Add some stir-fried mushrooms to the acqua cotta and pour it over roasted slices of bread brushed with garlic to add some undergrowth scents. The soups by Radici are not only ideal for the wintertime; try them lukewarm along with a nice cheese platter.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians
Product for Vegans
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