The Radici farm is located on the slopes of the Pratomagno mount, in Tuscany, and owns several plots of land going from 300 to 1,300 metres above sea level. This allows the company to cultivate different types of products, such as Mediterranean crops at 300m above sea level, as well as fruit and chestnuts in the mountains. All products are certified organic: they are mainly made with their own fruit and vegetables, which means that the company can check the stage of ripeness and make sure that only fresh, high-quality ingredients are used, which are harvested and processed on the same day. The symbol of the farm are the owners’ children: the union of the roots (Radici in Italian) - representing the past and traditions - with the children - representing the future. This is the core value of the company that offers prime-quality product respecting human beings as well as the environment.

The company focuses not only on farming, but also on the processing of raw materials. Since nowadays people work a lot and do not have time to follow long recipes, this company makes traditional Tuscan recipes with forgotten scents and flavours. The key to excellent products is the combination of simple processing methods with genuine ingredients.

Among the most famous products of the Radici farm, there are the jams made with very fresh, ripe, organic fruit that is quickly steamed to keep its properties intact. No preservatives, pectin or additives, even those allowed in organic farming, are added. This obviously reduces the product quantity, but it also allows obtaining unparalleled quality. Their spreadable fruit is also made by following the same process; instead of using sugar, grape juice is added to sweeten the product. Another fine product by Radici is vegetables packed in oil: vegetables are quickly seared and potted by hand with extra virgin olive oil; this oil can also be used as flavoured oil to dress several recipes. For whomever wants to eat healthy, but has no time to cook, Radici has created soups, with fresh, traditional flavours, ready in a couple of minutes, and dressing or spreads, to flavour dishes and broths and to create quick and easy, genuine dishes. 

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Organic "salsa verde" green sauce - 180g

Price €7.90

Organic Acquacotta soup - 670g

Price €11.90

Organic artichoke cream - 85g

From Price €6.90

Organic Beans with Tuscan Kale - 350g

Price €7.90

Organic Cannellini Primavera beans - 350g

Price €6.90

Organic Chickpeas and Savoy cabbage - 350g

Price €6.90

Organic Etruscan soup with chickpeas and chestnuts - 670g

Price €12.90

Organic Tuscan chickpeas - 350g

Price €6.90

Organic Tuscan kale pesto - 85g

Price €4.90

Organic Tuscan Ribollita Soup - 670 g

Price €11.90

Organic vegetable stock - 230g

Price €6.90

Spreadable fruit - Organic blueberries - 200g

Price €9.90

Spreadable fruit - Organic peaches - 200g

Price €6.90

Spreadable fruit - Organic pears - 200g

Price €5.90

Spreadable fruit - Organic strawberries - 200g

Price €8.90