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“Taragna” polenta flour – 1 kg

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“Taragna” polenta flour – 1 kg Fratelli Corrà

The “Taragna” polenta flour is a mix of maize and buckwheat flour with a characteristic amber colour. It has a rustic taste and a rich and intense scent. Just a spoonful of this delight is all it takes to be transported up to the high altitudes! Corrà Brothers’ flour is ground in the artisanal stone mills of Trentino, for an excellent product, a true celebration of the mountain meals.

The “Taragna” polenta flour is perfect with the tastiest dishes of the Trentino tradition. It is simply exceptional with fowl, blue cheeses and cured meats with a strong taste. It’s really simple to prepare, just pour half a kilo of flour into 1 and a half liters of boiling water and stir for about 50 minutes. It should be served hot, the ideal would be to overturn it on a nice wooden board and place it in the center of the table, as the Trentino tradition wants.

The Corrà Brothers’ company was founded in 1850 in the Non Valley and it’s the oldest production of cured meats in Trentino. It’s a passion passed down from father to son – we’re at the fifth generation! – and the recipes are unchanged as well. From cold cuts to cheeses, from flours to jams, from traditional dishes of the territory to grappa, here everything speaks of tradition and authenticity.

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