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Traditional Piadina Flatbread "La Ritrovata Tradizionale" - 3-Piece Pack

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The “piada” flatbread, symbol of Romagna , is a true ritual people experience at home and in kiosks, while snacking under the sun and having...
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The “piada” flatbread, symbol of Romagna, is a true ritual people experience at home and in kiosks, while snacking under the sun and having appetizers with friends. A simple dish that smells of tradition, but is always ready to reinvent itself with delicious and new combinations.

For our piada we chose Fresco Piada, a name you can trust. We selected “La Ritrovata Tradizionale” only to bring a genuine and authentic product that never goes out of style to your table. This is THE actual recipe, a real piadina cooked on a hot plate with only soft wheat flour grown in Romagna, whole sea salt from Cervia and pure pork lard, with no trace of preservatives.

Fresco Piada is a company from Riccione, the piadineria of the world. Related to the first piadineria on the seafront of the 60s, Fresco Piada gives us all the quality, taste and freshness of a product that appeals to everyone. Soft and fragrant as freshly made, with this super traditional piada you will bring a piece of Romagna to your home.


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