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Fresh sausages 5 pieces - 500g

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Fresh sausages 5 pieces - 500g Salumi di Scarpaccia

Sausages should never miss in any grill fest or BBQs among friends. There are a thousand types and a thousand brands of sausages; what makes the difference is the great quality of meat and the handmade processing. That’s why we have selected the fresh sausages by Scarpaccia cured meats, handmade in the heart of Casentino. This artisan company only uses fresh Italian pork and makes sausages according to local traditions, crafting products with an extraordinary and genuine taste. 

Scarpaccia cured meats selects only prime-quality pork with excellent sensory properties. Then the meat is seasoned with spices and aromas, filled in only natural and edible casings and divided into portions weighing around 120g each. With several years of experience in the field, the Scarpaccia cured meats company can skilfully mix ingredients to create sausages with an extraordinary flavour and an ideal texture; they have the ideal balance of lean and fat content and perfect particle size. These excellent sausages stemming from the Casentino butchery tradition release a mouth-watering scent and provide a delicious and unique taste to the palate.

Fresh sausages by Scarpaccia cured meats must be kept in the fridge at a temperature between 2 and 4°C and must be cooked before eating. They are ideal not only for roasts and barbecues, but also to enrich pasta dishes and delicious quiches. 

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