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Danieli, il Forno delle Puglie, Apulia’s bakery, is located north of Bari, in Bitonto. We are right in the middle of Apulia, the land of golden wheat and extra virgin olive oil, two essential ingredients in many of Danieli’s recipes.

Danieli’s products are handmade baked goods, traditional recipes made with passion and great skills. Taralli crackers are the apple of the company’s eye: crumbly, tasty and exclusively handmade. The secret behind their deliciousness is the ingredient list. The flour is made in mills located in “Tavoliere delle Puglie” - a plain in Northern Apulia. The use of artificial aromas and preservatives is not allowed and the results show for it.

The list of Danieli’s delicious snacks and baked goods is still very long: savoury Intorchiate and Friselle rusk bread are true works of art of Apulian gastronomy. And what can we say about the incredibly small Orecchiette pasta from Bari? It’s impossible to find a handmade product of matching quality.