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Top quality chocolate

First and foremost, Domori is passion. Everything comes from Gianluca Franzoni’s passion, who graduated in Economics and decided to take the path of cocoa. After three years in Venezuela to experiment with the methods of harvesting and processing of Criollo - the Maya and the Aztecs’s cocoa - Gianluca returns home, in Turin, to turn his dream into reality.

Domori was born and the company’s first goal is to save the world’s finest cocoa varieties from extinction, which are also the most delicate, rare and least productive. The journey starts from the Criollo, the rarest and most precious variety ever. Gianluca’s "magnificent obsession", as he himself calls it, leads Domori to be the first company in the world to process only precious cocoa and to make a concrete commitment to safeguarding the natural habitat of cocoa plants and the conservation of biodiversity.

Domori owns plantations in Venezuela and Ecuador and works with producers from Peru, Colombia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Brazil and Cameroon. In each of these countries, the Turin company collaborates with a local network of NGOs to ensure the best working conditions for farmers and the highest quality of the supply chain. Since 2020 Domori is a Benefit Company, at the forefront of workers' rights and environmental sustainability.

If these are the premises, imagine the results! The excellence of raw materials is the basis of every Domori product. Fine cocoa, the least productive in terms of yield, compensates with an incomparable aromatic bouquet. The selection of cocoa beans is very strict: only the best beans are transformed into tablets, again tested by a panel of experts that profiles the sensory aspects and decides if the lot is up to the brand.

Chocolate bars, eggs, chocolates and delicious pralines: a Domori gift – for others or for oneself – is a taste of sweet excellence. The scientific name of the cocoa plant is Theobroma, literally food of the gods. And no one can take us to Paradise like Domori does!