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Piedmont food

Truffles, mushrooms, hazelnuts, cheese, rice… we are mentioning here only some of the specialties from Piedmont and the list could go on forever! These products represent the rich culinary culture that this Italian region has to offer.

The great variety of products of this region stems from the territory. Typical products from Piedmont originate from the soil, the forests, the paddy fields and the mountain pastures scattered around this region. The results are inebriating and unforgettable flavours, which great producers protect with a great deal of passion. 

The woods provide porcini mushrooms which are either dried or packed in oil. The Langhe area provides the incredible Piedmont hazelnut, which is crunchy, flavourful and just perfect. These two products are not in the slightest comparable to foreign products.

Our assortment of specialties from Piedmont had to include cheeses, such as the incredible delight that is PDO Castelmagno cheese. There are two versions of this cheese, depending on the production season: the cheese from alpine pasture is produced in the summer time and the mountain cheese is produced in the winter time.

Two words best describe our assortment of Piedmont food: selection and authenticity. We carefully select all of our manufacturers and add products to our selection only if they pass two very strict tests: production must follow very high quality standards and the flavour must be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Castelmagno di Montagna PDO mountain cheese - 6/12 months - 400g

Price €17.90

Castelmagno d'Alpeggio PDO from alpine pasture - Slow Food - 400g

From Price €23.90

Acquerello Rice aged 7 years - 500g tin

Price €12.90

Acquerello Rice - 250/500/1000g tin

From Price €3.90

PGI Piedmont hazelnut from Alta Langa flour - 250g

Price €10.90

Whole porcini mushrooms in olive oil - 280g

Price €26.90

Whole pine bolete mushrooms in olive oil – 280g

Price €39.90

“Extra” Dried Porcini Mushrooms - 40g

Price €19.90

La Tartufata, Truffle Cream - 180g

Price €27.90

Mountain Rhododendron Honey - 400g

Price €16.90

Mountain wildflower honey - 400g

Price €15.90

Piedmont Hazelnuts PGI Alta Langa – Whole and roasted – 250g

Price €10.90

Pure Hazelnut Spread PGI from Alta Langa - 200g

Price €9.90

Piedmont PGI hazelnuts Alta Langa, finely chopped - 250g

Price €10.90

Bagna cauda dip - 180g

Price €9.90

Italian, whole black garlic - 60g

Price €14.90

Italian, black garlic spread - 90g

Price €14.90

Salt flavoured with black garlic - 120g

Price €12.90

Sliced pine bolete mushrooms in olive oil – 280g

Price €24.90