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PDO green pistachio of Bronte

The company Don Tanu was born out of the passion of grandpa Gaetano for the Bronte pistachio. This Sicilian delicacy, which obtained the PDO label from the European Union in 2009, grows on the Etna slopes, on a volcanic, steep soil that makes its cultivation very hard and laborious. 

Harvest of the green pistachio of Bronte begins in August, when heat in Sicily reaches its peak. Plants grow in drops which are not accessible to agricultural machines. Therefore, harvest has to be carried out by hand. Harvesters de-stem each fruit individually and collect the precious pistachios in a basket that they carry over their shoulder. It is more than a processing step; it is like a farmer’s ritual drenched in tradition.

Between the pistachio tree and the packaged goods, there are several steps that are still carried out by hand. After the harvest, the removal of the hull takes place, then the drying and finally, the shelling, the only step which may involve the use of an automated machine.

Bronte pistachio is one of Italy’s most counterfeited products. Only those pistachios that grew, were harvested and processed in Bronte may obtain the corresponding PDO label. Among those, Don Tanu’s pistachios stand out like sparkling emeralds. From grandpa Gaetano until today, only the best fruits are selected to be sold, respecting the land and tradition.

Whole or chopped pistachios, pistachio pesto or spread: these are several variations of this exceptional product that are always delicious, from starters to dessert. The unique flavour of Bronte green pistachio enhances any dish!