The Inaudi company, which is today world-renowned for mushroom and truffle processing, was founded in 1929 when Michele Inaudi obtained a licence to open a grocery store with his wife and sons Giovanni and Clemente. In the 50s the family specialised in the sale of mushrooms, especially porcini mushrooms. At one point Clemente Inaudi decided to take care not only of the mushroom sales process, but also of its processing and preservation in oil. The new Inaudi company, founded in 1971 in Borgo San Dalmazzo in the province of Cuneo, finally specialised in the production of oil-packed, natural or dried mushrooms as well as white and black truffles, always focusing on high quality.

The Inaudi company’s main product is Tartufata, a cream with porcini mushrooms and white truffle from Alba, which can enhance the flavour of many superb dishes. The company also offers a wide assortment of high-quality mushrooms packed in oil, packaged by hand, and dried mushrooms. Inaudi selects only the best porcini mushrooms and then slices and dries them manually. The assortment also includes white and black truffles which are selected by experts and packaged by hand; these truffles, the fruit of the woods in Piedmont, are actual jewels which can enrich each dish with their exquisite taste. 

The secret behind the company’s success lies in their attention to detail and excellent product quality. The mushroom collection areas have been carefully researched, in order to obtain a prime raw material; production is carried out entirely by hand, as tradition dictates. Manual processing - the pride and joy of the company - means that each production step - cleaning, washing, cooking, packaging - is carried out exclusively by hand by highly specialised staff. As many as seven in-process tests guarantee an absolute quality.