Bagna cauda dip - 180g

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Bagna cauda (also called Bagna Caôda ) is surrounded by an actual ritual . This dish must be enjoyed in great company, just like a fondue (we...
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  • Gluten free
  • Non perishable
  • Lactose free
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Bagna cauda (also called Bagna Caôda) is surrounded by an actual ritual. This dish must be enjoyed in great company, just like a fondue (we hope that people from Piedmont are not offended by our comparison!). The Bagna Cauda recipe has been declared a Unesco intangible cultural heritage good. The Inaudi company makes an impeccable Bagna cauda, selecting only prime-quality raw materials.

Few perfectly balanced ingredients with an intense flavour: anchovies, garlic - a lot of it! - olive oil and salt. The Bagna cauda dip can be paired with vegetables, such as roasted peppers and boiled potatoes, or with fish filets.

How to use it: the ready-to-serve Bagna cauda sauce is very concentrated and must be diluted with two parts of oil or sour cream. It must be served very hot and kept at a high temperature in the fujot, a traditional terracotta burner, or in a dish warmer, preferably made of terracotta, too.


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Gluten free
Non perishable
Lactose free
Recensione prodotto.

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