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Artisans of made-in-Verona sweetness

The Rinomata Offelleria Perbellini is a historical place of Bovolone, province of Verona. Careful, it is not a classic pastry shop, but a laboratory that produces in a traditional way the classic baked goods of the Veronese area, the very first being the Offella d’oro® and the pandoro. It was 1891 when Giovanni Battista Perbellini modified Nadalin’s recipe and created his first offella, the first to be recorded in his recipe book entitled “Pasta lievitata”.

Just a few baked goods, but made to perfection. A production that aims at substance, without getting lost in strange combinations. And the results are clear: Perbellini bakes delights in Bovolone since 1900!

Perbellini bakery is an institution in the territory. It doesn’t only produce and sell exceptional sweets, but it also preserves the history of traditional pastry, a sort of archive of sweetness. And in a world that goes faster and faster and chooses quantity over quality, we know exactly how important this is.

High quality raw materials and craftsmanship, faithful to the tastes of tradition: Rinomata Offelleria’s values have stayed the same for over a century. The packaging deserves great attention as well: each product is packaged with the utmost care, with elegant and refined wrapping, which make these excellences of taste perfect even as a precious gift.