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Sbrisolada - 350 gr

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Perbellini’s Sbrisolada is a  tribute to the Mantuan sbrisolona . The  brisa , in dialect, is the crumb, and the crumbly consistency is the most...
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Perbellini’s Sbrisolada is a tribute to the Mantuan sbrisolona. The brisa, in dialect, is the crumb, and the crumbly consistency is the most evident feature of this cake. Almonds, butter and corn flour, combined with sugar, flour and eggs, create this magical compound, so brittle that crumbles to the touch. The dough is worked very little and baked "raw" to keep all the irregularities that are formed during the cooking.

The sbrisolona – that’s how the legend goes - has very humble origins: the farmers mixed pork lard with corn flour to knead a dry and super nutritious cake. Then, the fame. The sbrisolada arrives to the House of Gonzaga, and is enriched with sugar, almonds, eggs and vanilla. And here is the most typical dessert of Mantua, crunchy, fragrant, rich and with intense taste, absolutely unique. You can have it with creams or jams, but we like it this way, by itself, to better enjoy the flavor of tradition.

Rinomata Offelleria Perbellini is an historical institution in Bovolone, in the province of Verona. Since the mid-nineteenth century, every day its pastry chefs bake traditional handmade cakes of the territory, with passion and experience. Christmas cakes are the pride of this production, always ready to give a moment of pure sweetness.

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Product for Vegetarians
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