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Ancient grain flour from the heart of Tuscany

Podere Belvedere farm is located in the heart of Casentino, more precisely in the municipality of Chiusi della Verna, around 400m above sea level. The company owns 30ha of hilly land, of which 20ha are used for farming and woods stretch over the remaining 10ha.

Podere Belvedere was founded in 2010; already in the following year, the company decided to mainly focus on research and launched, in collaboration with Florence’s agricultural university, a study about ancient grains and their adaptability to the hilly lands of Casentino.

Farming ancient grains has a double advantage: it makes for finer flours that are easier to digest and very high in fibre and it guarantees the protection of these “forgotten” grains, which play an important historical and cultural role, and of local biodiversity. 

Podere Belvedere obtained the organic certification in 2015 for the processing of grains into stone-milled flours, reaching its first main objective, which was being the first local, organic flour mill in Casentino.

The organic flours of Podere Belvedere are durum wheat Senatore Cappelli flour, einkorn wheat flour and common wheat flours of the varieties Sieve and Verna. They also make a small chickpea variety with a thin skin, a firm pulp and great cooking properties. Health, flavour, protection of the territory are common features of all Podere Belvedere’s products.