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Podere Cadassa is located in Colorno, close to the city of Parma, in the countryside in Emilia-Romagna. In 1780, old aunt Cleofe decided to open up a rest stop for wayfarers and set up a small grocery shop; the Bergonzi family kept the tradition alive over the years, focusing on handmade cuisine and local traditions. That’s how Podere Cadassa, a small family workshop specialised in cold cut production, first came to be. Just as it happened in 1780, the Bergonzi family keeps on delighting wayfarers, which are now gourmands and tourists, with their local specialties.

The secret behind Podere Cadassa’s cold cuts lies in the ancient know-how: you can feel the craft of butchers from Parma in the farm’s historical rooms, where more than seven thousand Culatelli rest in absolute silence. The meat of cold cuts is carefully selected and processed by hand by skilled butchers. The aging takes place in cellars, where thanks to the silence, patience and daily monitoring, Podere Cadassa’s cold cuts develop their signature scents and fragrance.

The most famous cold cut of Podere Cadassa is PDO Culatello di Zibello, the jewel of the Bergonzi family’s collection. The company also makes a delicious, traditional cooked shoulder, Fiocchetto, a traditional cold cut from Emilia Romagna, an exceptional salami, the one-of-a-kind Strolghino and finally, Cotechino. An inebriating scent fills the rooms of the farm and makes you want to taste the products of this cuisine, stemming from special skills and an art representing the whole territory.