Culatello di Zibello (central part of pork leg) "Terre di Nebbia" - Slow Food Presidium - 2 kg

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This well-renowned Italian cold cut, the “ Culatello di Zibello” by Podere Cadassa , is made from the most prized pork cut: the central part of...
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  • PGI - PDO - Slow Food
  • Gluten free
  • Perishable
  • Lactose free
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This well-renowned Italian cold cut, the “Culatello di Zibello” by Podere Cadassa, is made from the most prized pork cut: the central part of the ham. The company Podere Cadassa, which is located in Colorno in Emilia Romagna, uses the central part of the pork leg which is de-boned, cleaned and packed in salt for five days. Afterwards, the meat is washed with wine and filled in the pork bladder; lastly, it is tied by hand and takes on its signature pear-shaped form. The “Culatello” ages in a natural cellar where windows are left ajar, to ensure an adequate ventilation and supply of fresh air.

The “Culatello di Zibello” is part of the Slow Food Presidia: this certification guarantees a careful selection of the product and its raw materials, as well as a high-quality processing. Indeed, the Podere Cadassa, which has been a beloved refreshment area in the Emilia-Romagna’s countryside since 1780, applies ancient peasant traditions and artisanal processing methods.

“Culatello di Zibello” is only made with pork, salt and pepper; it does not contain any preservatives or gluten and is hand-made by skilled butchers who leave it to rest in the Podere Cadassa farm rooms in a religious silence. Thanks to daily quality checks, the “Culatello di Zibello” develops its signature unique scent and fragrance. It is available in a 1.95kg cleaned piece.


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PGI - PDO - Slow Food
Gluten free
Lactose free
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