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Black garlic

Umami is a young business located between Langhe and Roero, a UNESCO heritage site which is renowned for its traditional cuisine. The Umami lab has a modern vision and is specialised in the production of black garlic, one of the most interesting and sought-after gourmet ingredients.

Black garlic was very difficult to find in Italy and people usually ended up having to buy foreign goods. Umami, however, was born out of the ideas and researches of a group of young experts of the food industry, who managed to create a 100% Italian black garlic.

Everything begins with PDO Polesano white garlic which is processed in a natural way; it ferments and ripens to develop new flavours. As a matter of fact, black garlic is the result of these two processes which last two months at a controlled temperature and humidity.

Umami offers unique products; black garlic is available as a whole, for creative recipes, or as a spread. The flavour is less strong and pungent than that of white garlic; black garlic is also softer and develops that umami flavour which is reminiscent of balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.

Black garlic products do not leave a strong taste in the mouth and they are easier to digest, since they do not contain allicin.