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Whole mortadella “Favola” (fairytale) - 5kg approx.

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Gluten free Lactose free
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Whole mortadella “Favola” (fairytale) - 5kg approx. Palmieri

Have you ever tasted the delicious “Favola” mortadella by Palmieri? Just as its name indicates, favola meaning fairytale in Italian, it is a true flavourful story with a perfect happy ending. Palmieri’s mortadella is the only one that is stuffed and cooked in natural pork rind. It was Carlo Palmieri, founder of the company, who had this idea back when the company was still only a small shop. In 1997 he decided to sew by hand a rind and use it to stuff and cook the mortadella in traditional working stone ovens. That’s the story of how the patent for the “Favola” mortadella was born: out of a man’s willingness to create a unique and genuine product from a high-quality raw material, i.e. pigs reared in Italy with a designation of origin.

The name says it all. Palmieri’s mortadella truly is a fairytale. It has a delicate taste and is easy to digest thanks to a careful selection of the best meat cuts. The recipe is suitable for everybody, since:

  • it is gluten-free
  • it contains no milk by-products
  • it contains no polyphosphates
  • it contains no GMOs
  • it contains no glutamate

An excellent product like this one is also, or perhaps mainly, made by choosing the quality path. that’s why the fragrance, softness and taste of the “Favola” mortadella” have no equal.
There is only one food that goes perfectly with mortadella and makes the fairytale come true:

  • Freshly-baked bread

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Gluten free
Lactose free



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