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PGI Felino salami – 500 gr

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PGI Felino salami – 500 gr Devodier

The Felino salami is a product of Protected Geographical Indication that was born, in fact, in the locality of Felino, in the province of Parma. Only pigs of at least 9 months and 140 kg are used to produce this meat, in excellent health as prescribed by the production specification. The texture is compact, the aroma is delicate and the taste is sweet. The aging takes place in natural cellars at a temperature below 18°C, with a constant air exchange. To make a product like this, it takes the utmost care in every single stage of the production process.

Devodier is an absolute guarantee of quality for cold cuts. Suffice it to say that it is "only" since 1800 that the family is dedicated to butchery and from the beginning of the 1900s to the production of cold cuts. Among other things, Enrico Devodier was one of the founders of the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium, in the early 60s. In short, there’s plenty of experience, passion and dedication here and this is what makes the difference on the products. Nothing less than exceptional and this Felino salami is clear proof.

Devodier is a modern company with two plants for meat processing and production. But it is first of all a family of artisans, who still works in a traditional way, with absolute respect for the territory and animal welfare. Respect for nature is key as well: the company is equipped with photovoltaic and solar systems to limit the environmental impact. Much more than just a factory, a real center of goodness.

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