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Sardinia food

Sardinia has plenty of culinary delights with strong flavours to offer; these specialties are deeply tied to the territory, characterised by the presence of both the sea and the highlands. This rugged land requires a lot of hard work, which farmers and fishers have always done without hesitation. One thing is for sure: cheeses could not be missing from our assortment of Sardinian products

Sheep milk cheeses are among the most renowned typical Sardinian products in the world. Three Sardinian cheeses have obtained the PDO certification: PDO Fiore sardo, PDO mature Pecorino sardo and Pecorino romano. We have them all in our Italian specialty shop. Sheep in Sardinia graze on special pastures which give the milk and the rennet a unique flavour.

Obviously our assortment of Sardinian delights doesn’t include only dairy products. Moving towards the coastline, the island offers a truly special delicacy: Sardinian bottarga, cured fish roe. Traditionally, mullet roe is processed on the Western coast of the island; it is a true delight, available both as a whole slab and grated.

Two words best describe our assortment of Sardinia food: selection and authenticity. We carefully select all of our manufacturers and add products to our selection only if they pass two very strict tests: production must follow very high quality standards and the flavour must be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Lactose-free Pecorino Cheese Kenza - 200g

Price €5.90

Organic mature Pecorino Sardo cheese PDO - 200g

Price €6.90

Aged organic ricotta whey cheese - 200g

Price €3.90

Fiore Sardo Cheese PDO - 200g

Price €7.60

Tasting selection Argiolas products

Price €21.90

Ground mullet bottarga cured fish roe - 70g

Price €10.90

Mullet bottarga cured fish roe - slab, around 125g

Price €19.90