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“Canederli” dumplings with spinach and herbs – 300 gr

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“Canederli” dumplings with spinach and herbs – 300 gr Fratelli Corrà

“Canederli” are the most traditional dish of the Trentino peaks. They’re big bread dumplings, tasty and soft, so much so that etiquette wants you to only use the fork to cut them. The ones from Corrà Brothers are particularly soft, thanks to the handmade dough and the perfect balance between bread and milk. The texture is perfect and the flavor is the one of the mountains.

Cooking them is very easy, just boil them until they float. They’re both perfect in broth or topped off with melted butter and sage, paired withwith alpine cheeses is exceptional as well, for a real riot of intense Trentino flavors. They are vacuum-packed, to preserve all the flavors and kept in the fridge can last for up to 40 days, even though we’re certain they will be finished instantly. One pack is perfect for 2-4 people, depending on the appetite, but trust us when we tell you that with these dumplings everyone will ask for an encore

The Corrà Brothers’ company was founded in 1850 in the Non Valley and it’s the oldest production of cured meats in Trentino. It’s a passion passed down from father to son – we’re at the fifth generation! – and the recipes are unchanged as well. From cold cuts to cheeses, from flours to jams, from traditional dishes of the territory to grappa, here everything speaks of tradition and authenticity.

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