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Small daily treats

The Babbi Confectionery Industry was founded in 1952 in Cesena when Attilio Babbi started a production of waffles, cones and semi-finished products for the ice cream sector. The business was a success from the start and all of Romagna’s ice cream masters started looking for Attilio and his products - made only with raw materials of the highest quality and processed with artisanal methods - to enhance their creations.

But Attilio wasn’t satisfied with the results he got and soon grew tired of just cones and waffles. He then had the intuition to create a production line "out of season" for all those products that went beyond the ice cream realm and that work best during the cold months, when high temperatures and humidity no longer pose a threat to the balance of taste and friability.

Always using the best raw materials and traditional production methods, Attilio created wafers and the “viennesi” wafers, which are still today, 70 years later, the small daily treats of adults and children. The utmost respect for tradition is just one of the aspects that characterize this company. The search for the best raw materials, the innovation of recipes and the care of packaging are other factors that make up the Babbi wafers' identity.

Quality has always been a fundamental principle and is never questioned. The company could’ve just added preservatives to both wafers and the viennesi to sell them all year long, but the company’s decision was clear: quality can’t be compromised. That is why these products are always removed from the market on June 30th.

Over time, the company has invested heavily in research and technology, with the aim of improving its production methods. Babbi has achieved the ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality management and complies with ISO 14001 standards for environmental management and ISO 45001 standards for safety. In addition, the company is registered within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has achieved VEGANOK, Kosher and Halal certifications.