Olives, olive oil and Taggiasca olive pâtés from Liguria

It was back in 1860 that Agostino Novaro changed the life of his whole family and its future generations, by entering the word of oil. Things have changed since then, but the passion that this family pours into their work has stayed the same. Nowadays, Guido Novaro leads the company and spreads the culture of high-quality oil from Liguria all over the world.


We can safely say that Guido Novaro grew up around olives. Once he took over the family business, he tried to spread his knowledge and experience, by raising awareness. He wrote a book called “Liscio come l’olio” (Smooth as oil), an autobiography telling the story of a man, his family and the world of olive oil which is the No. 1 staple of Italian food culture. 


Olives are also the main ingredients of all products by Guido Novaro. This company cultivates the Taggiasca olive cultivar in their olive tree groves, but they also process different cultivars in their lab, in order to create prime-quality products. Whether it be a monocultivar or a blend oil, bottled olive oil is always exceptional. Olives are always cold-pressed immediately after harvest to keep the sensory properties and flavour intact.


Besides olive oil, they also make pâtés, spreads, sauces, vegetables packed in oil and condiments. Each jar is packed with passion and dedication, the love for one’s land and a careful processing based on the respect for raw materials. Genuine and prime-quality ingredients make products that we can only define as exceptional.

Each jar, each bottle has a story to tell and their unique and unmistakable flavour is the one speaking. To keep for oneself or to give as a gift – with Guido Novaro’s products, you can never go wrong.