Lattebusche is a cooperative that was founded in 1954 in Busche, an uncontaminated grazing land on the slopes of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National park. This area is characterised by mountains and broad valleys with severe and wet winters and cool summers. Environmental protection is one of the company’s core values; Lattebusche invests large sums of money to keep the natural balance of its territory; it uses recyclable materials for its packaging and has a modern waste water treatment plant. Focusing on product quality and freshness, traditional local products and food safety has allowed Lattebusche to become the company that it is today: a cooperative counting over than 380 members.

Lattebusche pays close attention to each production step - including animal rearing, milking, processing and delivery. The company guarantees full transparency, meaning that ingredients are completely traceable and you can trace back through the product’s entire manufacturing process, back to where milk was made. The milk comes from the stables of the cooperative’s members, which are located close to manufacturing facilities. The milk is swiftly transferred and processed, thus guaranteeing the highest freshness and quality. The stables undergo regular hygienic inspections and raw milk, semi-finished and finished products are constantly monitored by thousands of tests each year to obtain a final product with excellent sensory properties.

Among all Lattebusche cooperative’s products, the PDO Piave cheese, which is only made by this company, stands out. This typical cheese from Belluno is made according to traditional processing and aging processes; its aging period ranges from 20 days to 18 months and can be sold as fresh or mature. Other cheeses by Lattebusche are PDO Montasio - a cheese with a delicate scent and light herbaceous notes -, PDO Asiago fresh cheese - a cheese with ancient roots - and PDO Grana Padano - a flavourful cheese made from highly nutritious cow’s milk. Lattebusche combines artisan tradition to modern manufacturing technologies, environmental protection and prime-quality raw materials.

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Aged Piave cheese GOLD selection, PDO - 300g

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Fresh Asiago Cheese PDO - 400 g

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Grana Padano cheese PDO, aged 16 months - 300g

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Montasio cheese PDO - 300g

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Tasting selection Lattebusche products - 1.3kg approx.

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