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Gòtto the vintner’s salami - 850g

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Gòtto the vintner’s salami - 850g Salumi di Scarpaccia

This is a very unique salami: “Gòtto” the vintner’s salami has a one-of-a-kind flavour and look. The company Scarpaccia cured meats makes this salami only from lean cuts of Italian pork. Meat is finely minced and seasoned with wine, as local tradition dictates. The salami is then filled in non-edible casings which look like straw wine bottles; its look is very particular and is protected by a European patent. Salami and wine have always been a winning duo, because their two flavours complement and enhance each other perfectly, creating an incredible combination of scents and fragrances. 

Scarpaccia cured meats is a company operating in the middle of Casentino - an area in Tuscany renowned for the production of genuine and excellent cold cuts. Scarpaccia cured meats only uses Italian pork of the highest quality. Each production step is handmade: from working the minced meat to packaging. This company is deeply rooted in local traditions and makes cold cuts the traditional way, in order to offer products with a really authentic taste.

Its name “Gòtto” comes from an ancient peasant tradition, when guests used to ask their innkeepers for a “gòtto di vino”, a drop of wine. “Gòtto” the vintner’s salami has an intense but delicate flavour which must be paired with some bread and wine, like they used to do back in the day.

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