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Piece of Tuscan Soprassata - 450g

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Piece of Tuscan Soprassata - 450g Salumi di Scarpaccia

Soprassata, a cold cut similar to head cheese, originally comes from the region of Tuscany and, in particular, the area around the city of Arezzo, even if it has now gained popularity across the whole country. This cold cut was originally produced in the first months of the year, when pigs used to be slaughtered; it had to be eaten rather quickly since it could not keep as long as other cured meats. To this day it still must be consumed within two weeks more or less. Soprassata is made by cooking pork cuts such as the head, the tongue and the rind, which are left to boil for around three hours. Scarpaccia cured meats, a family company operating in the middle of Casentino, only uses Italian pork and seasons the meat with salt, pepper, aromas and spices, lemon and parsley, such as tradition dictates.    

What’s typical about soprassata is the manufacturing technique, developed over years of experience, as well as its ingredients. That is why we have chosen Scarpaccia cured meats: this company exclusively selects prime-quality meat and makes its cold cuts by hand. The manufacturing process plays an important role: as a matter of fact, only by skilfully cooking the ingredients, can they mix and solidify properly. Once it has been filled in jute, soprassata is left to cool down.

Soprassata by Scarpaccia cured meats has a cylindrical form and its colour goes from deep pink to gray. It has a rather intense flavour and a strong scent of spices, which makes it a really extraordinary cold cut. It is a must on Tuscan antipasto platters, but it is also excellent on a slice of bread or in a salad.

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