Salumi di Scarpaccia

We are in Tuscany, in the Casentino National Forest Park. Casentino is a land rich in history, culture and nature; it is also home to many artisan companies deeply rooted in tradition, such as I Salumi di Scarpaccia - Scarpaccia cured meats - which makes traditional colds cuts the Tuscan way. In the 60s, Franco and Maria Giuliano - a married couple - started making cold cuts in their little store; their son Romano has since taken over the company which he leads with the very same passion, love and respect that his parents had back in the days.

The majority of their cured meats is free from allergens and can be eaten by everyone. This small company from Casentino enjoys making genuine cold cuts and offers delicious works of art which can satisfy even the most demanding palates.

This company only selects Italian meat; every manufacturing step is handmade: from preparing the meat to tying the salami, Romano takes care of everything by hand, skilfully working on each individual cold cut. There is an old saying: “we eat everything but the oink”; respecting these old traditions, I Salumi di Scarpaccia makes the most of this animal and its processing, which has been an important source of income for many people in the past.

Over the years this company has developed many products, such as for instance, Sbriciolona - a soft and crumbly cold cut -, Soprassata - made from the pork head, tongue and rind - and several types of salami, made from fresh meat and filled in natural casings. Among the company’s most famous products, you can also find pork jowl, Capocollo cured cold cut, cured pork fatback and cured pork loin - a lean cold cut with a slight garlic aftertaste. The company follows local traditions; for instance, they let the pork leg cure from 6 to 15 months, according to the needs of each product.

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Cured Sambudello sausage 3 pieces - 300g

Price €7.90

Cured sausages 5 pieces - 300g

Price €7.90

Fresh Sambudello sausage 4 pieces - 600g

Price €8.90

Fresh sausages 5 pieces - 500g

Price €7.50

Gòtto the vintner’s salami - 850g

Price €27.90

Piece of "Bastone del Nonno" Salami with Truffle (Grandpa's stick) - 300g

Price €10.90

Piece of "Sbriciolona" (fennel seed salami) - 450g

Price €10.90

Piece of boneless cured pork leg - 700g/ 1.5kg

From Price €13.90

Piece of cured pork loin - 400g

Price €12.90

Piece of flavoured pork fatback - 600g

Price €13.50

Piece of Tuscan Soprassata - 450g

Price €7.90

Piece of “Bastone del nonno” salami (Grandpa’s cane) - 300g

Price €9.90

Spicy piece of “Bastone del nonno” salami (Grandpa’s cane) - 300g

Price €9.90

Tuscan capocollo cured cold cut - 750g

Price €20.90

Tuscan pork jowl (guanciale) - 200/1,500g

From Price €5.90

Whole Salami - 600 g

Price €12.90

“Gòtto” the Swindler salami - 1kg

Price €28.90