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Pici nests – 500g

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Pici nests – 500g Antico Pastificio Morelli

Pici noodles are one of those recipes born out of necessity that are commonly found in traditional Tuscan peasant cuisine. To make these noodles, you only need durum wheat semolina, water and, of course, skilled hands that are capable of pulling them one by one by hand. Patience is required when you make them and when you cook them, too. Cooking time is 22 minutes, since this pasta is sturdy and thick, but believe us, they are worth the wait.


Which sauce pairs best with Pici noodles? If you want to savour these noodles the traditional way, you should pair them with Aglione garlic sauce. Try them with a ragout sauce, perhaps a Cinta Senese pork ragout, too, or with a veggie sauce with bell peppers, zucchini, artichokes or Bolete mushrooms. They are also excellent with cacio e pepe sauce. To sum it up, Pici noodles taste amazing all the time!


The Antico Pastificio Morelli pasta factory has been making prime-quality pasta since 1860. This pasta is exceptional, because they use durum wheat semolina that still contains the wheat germ, i.e., the core of the grain, which lends the pasta incredible flavour and scent. They also employ artisan techniques, extruding the pasta through bronze dies, stretching it out by hand and letting it slowly dry at a low temperature. That’s why this pasta is truly one of a kind. 

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