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Buy online Basilicata food |Basilicata cold cuts, cheeses, specialties

Basilicata food

Basilicata, once called Lucania, is a region packed with many specialties, beloved all around the world. These delicacies are deeply tied to local artisan companies which should be promoted and protected. That’s why many products from Basilicata are part of Slow Food Presidia.

Basilicata cuisine features intense, spicy and strong flavours. Take for instance crispy dried peppers, ideal as an appetizer or to prepare a fully Mediterranean pasta dish.

This land is characterised by both mountains and sea: high up in the highlands is where Podolica cows live, whose milk is used to make the one-of-a-kind Caciocavallo Podolico cheese. And let’s not forget cold cuts, such as the Pezzente salami!

Another speciality of Basilicata is PGI Sarconi legumes. These legumes are cultivated in a unique environment which gives beans, chickpeas and Indian peas a high protein content, a thin skin and a great flavour.

Two words best describe our assortment of Basilicata food: selection and authenticity. We carefully select all of our manufacturers and add products to our selection only if they pass two very strict tests: production must follow very high quality standards and the flavour must be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Salame pezzente - 300g

Price €11.90

PGI Canestrato di Moliterno cheese - 500g

Price €19.90

Caciocavallo Podolico cheese, aged over 6 months - Slow Food Presidium - 500g

Price €36.90

PDO Caciocavallo Silano cheese – 1.8kg

Price €49.90

Mischiglio Pasta (Broad Bean, Barley, Wheat and Chickpea Flour) - 500g

Price €5.90

Lucania Beans Tondino Bianco - 500g

Price €13.90

Lucania Beans Verdolino - 500g

Price €13.90

Lucania black chickpeas - 470g

Price €11.50

Indian peas - 440g

Price €10.90

Crispy dried sweet peppers - 15 g

Price €3.90

Baked peperoni cruschi crispy dried bell peppers - 15g

Price €3.90

Torta Pistocchi pure chocolate cake with Sour Cherries - 250g

Price €21.90