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Spreadable fruit - Organic pears - 200g

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Spreadable fruit - Organic pears - 200g Radici

The sweetness of pears can now be spread or eaten by the spoonful! The spreadable fruit with organic pears by the Radici company is addictive. Each jar contains 100 to 160g of fruit, twice or thrice the amount of fruit you find in industrial jams, i.e. 45g. The company Radici is located on the slopes of the Pratomagno mount in Tuscany; they only implement very simple processing methods, so as to preserve the genuineness of their ingredients. No thickeners or colouring agents are added - not even those allowed by the law. The Radici company has also decided not to add pectin to its spreadable fruit, since it jeopardises the real flavour of their products. 

Spreadable pears really do taste like prime-quality, organic pears; pears are cultivated in the company’s fields and picked at peak ripeness. They are then processed on the very same day, to keep their freshness intact. 

The Radici farm makes excellent products out of organic fruit and vegetables. Their products are not only delicious, but also fragrant and genuine. Radici’s spreadable fruit has that real genuine flavour of freshly-picked fruit, the bright colour of nature, as well as the perfect consistency. Spreadable fruit with organic pears tastes amazing with yoghurt or with desserts, such as panna cotta. It also pairs very well with cheeses, especially aged ones.

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